10 Common Home Inspection Problems and How to Fix Them

Home inspection problems cost you real money, so learn what to fix before the sale.

Whether it’s a buyer inspection or a seller inspection, with weather, changing codes, critter damage and shifting landscape, it can be near impossible to keep up with common fixes around a home — especially if home maintenance is not what you’re trained for.  Tipton Home Inspections thoroughly evaluates a home or a prospective property prior to purchase/sell. We offer home inspection service to all areas within a 50 mile radius of Knoxville, TN. Home inspections available on Sunday, so we can work with your schedule Contact us for a home inspection quote.

The 10 Most Common Home Inspection Problems in Knoxville, TN

1. Faulty wiring—open junction boxes, amperage mismatches, no wire nuts on wires.

The cure: Fix junction boxes; upgrade to at least 100 amps.

2. Poor grading and drainage—spongy soil around the foundation, signs of leaking in basement.

The cure: Regrade so that grounds slopes away from house for 10 feet; remove porous material around foundation.

3. Faulty gutters—clogged or bent gutters, water not channeled away from house.

The cure: Preventive maintenance; gutters of adequate size, splash pans to divert run-off.

4. Basement dampness—water stains, powdery residue on walls, mold or mildew.

The cure: Repair gutters to channel water away from house; apply waterproof coatings to basement.

5. Roof problems—brittle or curled shingles; broken or missing flashings.

The cure: Apply new shingle, or tear off if needed (usually after three re-roofs ); replacing flashings, especially around chimneys and other protrusions.

6. Foundation flaws—cracks in foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors or windows.

The cure: Fill cracks with silicon caulking or epoxy; apply waterproof coating to exterior.

7. Poor upkeep—needs repainting, worn carpeting, cracked driveway.

The cure: Give the house a minor facelift.

8. Faulty plumbing—inadequate water pressure, slow drains, signs of leaks on ceilings.

The cure: Clean and rout drains; reseat toilet with new wax ring, repair leaks.

9. Poor ventilation—extreme heat in attic, vapor condensation.

The cure: Ensure that roof soffits are not blocked; install additional roof vents; vent bathroom and kitchen fans outside.

10. Defective heating—cracks in the heat exchanger or water tank; carbon monoxide leaks.

The cure: Reseal chimney flues; replace sacrificial anode in water heater.

Excerpted from “Top 10 House Problems,” Practical Homeowner, Practical Homeowner LP, March 1990. Republished by Realtor.org